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Chief Editor
Naman is the founder and chief editor of  As an avid consumer of news and knowledge, and ever curious, Naman founded namanknowledge in December 2011 after years of affectionately being called “Naman Knowledge” by this friends. This site is an outlet to express Naman’s amazement at the world around him but also to act as a launching pad to help others spark their own intellectual curiosity.  Naman is a finance nerd by day in midtown Manhattan but hopes to always remain the inner geek that propelled him to create this platform.

MPH candidate at the University of Pennsylvania & healthcare PR professional, dancer, animal lover, co-founder of The Manhattan Project dance competition and New Yorker at heart.  

Chief Contributor
Shreyas is an engineer and manages green energy projects for various New York-based government agencies. As an expert in energy and policy, Shreyas also works with various government agencies to promote and produce new energy policies, programs, and initiatives.

jay zhou nk
Jay is a finance professional working and living in New York City. He moved from California to NYC in 2010 and considers it the best decision he’s made in his life. While far removed from the West Coast, Jay still retains his passion for longboarding and can often be seen cruising through the streets of Manhattan.

Yash is a Marketing and Psychology student at NYU Stern. An aspiring entrepreneur, he absolutely loves starting things up. He is also passionate about boxing, photography, philosophy, and traveling.

 abhinav NK

Abhinav is an experienced financial and operations professional by day, and an avid DJ, music producer, and music aficionado by night.  He enjoys all genres of music, but has a personal love for hidden facts behind Top 40 artists, 90’s pop, and old school hip hop and rock.  His personal music collection can be experienced at where he DJs under the moniker “B-Nasty”.

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