namanknowledge is a blog aimed to help spread common and not-so-common knowledge to bring about greater intellectual curiosity.

My curiosity first manifested itself at the tender age of 6, at my auntie’s apartment upstairs, between her complete volumes of “Childcraft,” an encyclopedia for children, and my neverending thirst for knowledge. The quote unquote “power” held in my hands captured my attention for hours on end. I couldn’t have been more excited when my parents gifted me a personal set of my own.

I’ve never really had an outlet for my discoveries other than gchat statuses – nor had my previous blogger account captured much attention. This blog is a potential rebirth and I hope I can string you along for the ride.

Let’s keep asking questions. Our lives can only become richer and fuller in the process. I hope this blog can effect a change, however small, in someone, somewhere!

Happy knowledging :)

– Naman

One thought on “About

  1. Madan says:

    It’s superb beginning of a renewed quest that mankind has had since the beginning of the time. I am sure your blog will provide a platform and venue for like minded people. This certainly will be different from ask.com and wiki’s of the world. Keep it up and I will post my questions shortly.

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