Fact #500: The word “knowledge” comes from the Old English word “cnawan”, meaning to know, perceive, recognize. Its first usage was seen in the 12th century CE.

Almost exactly 2 years ago, I wrote my first fact on my fact-a-day blog, namanknowledge. The fact was “namanknowledge will be added to your favorites bar real soon.” Hopefully I wrote a fact and not an opinion! Joke there. Anyway, I’ve reached a grand milestone of 500 facts today, and will continue to deliver ever more bits of knowledge for my readers’ consumption. Just wanted to take today’s post to say thank you to everyone who reads the blog, as it sustains me when I know folks out there are taking the time to become a bit more learned, however slight, with each fact I post.
Suggestions are always welcome and are always credited!
Few technical fun facts:
  • as of 12/15/2013, namanknowledge had received 19,021 cumulative views
  • namanknowledge’s best day was June 27, 2013, with 416 views… but from from a grand total of 7 visitors. Someone did some bingeing! Who was it? ;)
  • since February 25, 2013, I’ve gotten views from more than half of the countries on Earth
  • my blog posts go out to 59 dedicated wordpress followers, 164 twitter users, and 1,107 facebook friends
Also, at least half of the credit goes to Aditi… little did you know, but she is the one who administers the blog and posts the facts!

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